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Advanced Pharmacology Conference

April 11-13, 2019

Early Bird Pricing ends March 25

 See brochure for full details Get Brochure here: 2019-Advanced Pharm Conf Brochure.pdf          

Now accepting Vendors and booth sponsors for conference

If you recruit a vendor, you can get $50 off your Regular Conference Admission Price*

for each vendor recruited, up to 1/2 off Regular admission price.

Booths will be on Friday April 12.

vendor form here: 2019 OACNS Booth Sponsor Letter Pharmacology Conference.docx
 *(this does not apply to any other discounts such as student discount, volunteer discount or Board Discount)


New QR code scanning

for Evaluations at Advanced Pharmacology Conference

You have to fill out an evaluation for each presentation to get your CE/Pharm hour Certificate

You have to have a QR scanner, you can get it in the Apple store or the Android Play Store.

  1. Get a QR code reader on your smart phone or tablet
  2. Scan the QR code on the presentation (there will be one at the beginning, middle and end of presentation)
  3. Click on the link
  4. Take the survey (evaluation) takes less than 2 minutes
  5. Leave your name and email address to get your CE Certificate sent to you.

more info here: www.oacns.org

QR Code Tips

  • Hit the back arrow to get the camera back up if it stays on the link
  • If you are having trouble, you might turning the phone sideways or try a different scanner, there are many to choose from.
  • Put QR scanner on your home page for easy access at the conference

Want to Practice???

Click on this QR code with your QR code reader app on your smart phone.

This QR code will get you to a practice survey that will resemble the ones for the presentations

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