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Mission Statement             Our Goal             Our Logo             FAQ      Board of Directors


Mission Statement 

  • To enhance and promote the unique and multifaceted contribution of the Clinical Nurse Specialist to population health from wellness to acute care;

  • to advance the practice of nursing;

  • and to improve the effectiveness of healthcare systems.

Our Goal

  • to address topics impacting the advance practice of the CNS

  • to increase visibility of CNSs through participation on appropriate state and local committees

  • to act as a resource group and provide continuing education programs for the CNS

  • to support the coalition of advanced practice groups, such as CNSs, ARNPs, CRNAs and CNMs.

Our Logo

  • Circles: represent the three spheres of CNS practice and influence – patient, nurse and organization.

  • The Lamp: a symbol of the care and devotion the nurse administers to the sick and injured in the practice of Nursing.

  • Colors: Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.

  • Dark Blue: represents knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness.

  • Light Blue: is associated with health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness.

2021 OACNS Board of Directors


  • President – Susan Dresser
  • President-Elect – Lynette Gunn
  • TreasurerKacy Aderhold
  • Secretary Rhonda Coleman-Jackson
  • Immediate Past President – Stephanie Moore

Committee Chairs:

  • Director-at-Large for Continuing Education Committee – Brittni Kline
  • Director-at-Large for MembershipKaren Genzel
  • Director-at-Large for Public RelationsRachel Colina
  • Chair of Nominations Committee- Empty
  • Chair of Legislative Committee– Tammy Joplin

Unofficial Board: 

  • Student Representative Tori Hazel
  • Student Representative Kelsey Spitz
  • Student Representative Chris Mumford


Frequently ask Questions:

Q: Is there any way to have Pharm Hours and CEs online from OACNS?

A: OACNS does not have resources for online education, however, other entities such as NACNS, Medscape and OU offers online CEs. There is an education page on the website to help you find these. If you know of any others, please email to webmaster@oacns.org  to have them added to the website.

Q: Can OACNS offer discounts on credentialing and licensing and Group Malpractice Insurance?

A: OACNS is an affiliate of NACNS and members of NACNS have these benefits. See http://www.nacns.org/html/benefits.php  for more information and join NACNS if not already a member.

Q: Can OACNS have more legal, Legislative and State updates and issues online?

A: We have a Legislative Chair on the OACNS Board that covers this. Topic are covered at the membership meetings as well as the website page. The national organization, NACNS, also covers a lot of these issues to a greater degree, joining NACNS has its benefits and this is one of them.

Q: Can OACNS offer Pharm hours and CEs at the membership meetings?

A: Because of Vendor Laws, in order to offer CEs and Pharm hours at the membership meetings, we cannot utilize vendors to obtain speakers and pay for diner. If we did this it would have a significant cost to the attendee. This cost is more than attending conferences for the CEs and Pharm hours.  OACNS offers a Conference in April every year and has 15-16 Pharm hours offered.

Q: Can OACNS Skype OKC meetings to Tulsa and Tulsa meetings to OKC?

A: Because vendors sponsor meetings, vendors will not allow skype or teleconference of their speakers. Meetings are arranged to also network with other CNSs as well as the educational offering and diner.

Q: Can OACNS have more meetings/networking opportunities, during the week and not at night?

A: OACNS conducts four membership meetings a year to network and have an educational opportunity; two are in Tulsa and two are in OKC. The majority of members wanted the meetings in the evening during dinner. It is standing that it is the second Tuesday of March, August, October and December. There is also a three-day conference with lots of opportunities to network with CNSs from all over and there are usually three times more attendees at the conference. 

Q: Can OACNS disseminate more information about other APRN conferences?

A: OACNS forwards any invitations to other conferences and has a webpage for these offerings. If anyone knows of others they are encourages to send info to  webmaster@oacns.org and they will be added to the website.


Q: Can you get Hotel discounts for conferences?

A: OACNS currently works with the hotels around the Conference location to get discounts.

Q: Why are there not many vendors at the yearly conferences?

A: Vendors are recruited by the membership and conference attendees. There is even a monetary incentive to recruit vendors every year. $50 per vendor up to ½ of the cost of the conference.

Q: Why are there not more opportunities to be active members of OACNS?

A: OACNS has many opportunities for a member to be more active. There are the Board positions that are elected yearly and there are many committees formed that you can serve on. There’s also Oklahoma Board of Nursing opportunities and Legislative positions (BON uses 3 members of OACNS for the Advanced Practice Advisory Committee and there is a need for 16 OACNS representatives for the “On Fire” APRN groups).  If you would like to volunteer you can email webmaster@oacns.org 

Q: Why don’t we have a Fall Conference anymore?

A: Due to the overwhelming cost and resources to offer 2 one-day conferences, OACNS combined the conferences to offer one per year over 3 days to be able to obtain half of the pharm hours needed to renew prescriptive authority. We decided to use OKC since it is centrally located, with I-35 and I-40 access for Oklahoma CNSs as well as Kansas, Texas, Arkansas attendees. Part of the goal was so that Oklahoma CNSs do not have to travel nationally and spend large amounts of money to get their pharm hours.

Q: Why don’t we have a Membership Directory with specialties available to the members?

A: With the new membership software, you now have this available.

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